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Yellow crowned amazon parrot,the yellow crowned Amazon is one of several very similar Amazons with yellow on the head or neck. Sometimes it has been referred to as the Single Yellow-headed Amazon. This was to differentiate it from the Double Yellow-headed Amazon, whose entire head and nape becomes yellow. Another is the yellow-naped Amazon Amazona auropalliata, whoses yellow markings are found only on the nape of the neck rather than the crown.

This Yellow crowned Amazon parrot is even more easily confused with the Panama Amazon Amazona o. panamensis. The Panama is another member of the ochrocepha group and a subspecies of the Yellow-crowned. These two are very similar but the green plumage of the Panama is a bit darker shade, it is slightly smaller and doesn’t have the reddish orange spot on the upper part of the beak which the Yellow-crowned parrot has.


Care and feeding of yellow crowned amazon parrot


In the wild, the diet of the Yellow-crowned Amazon consists of fruits, plants, seeds and nuts and probably some protein. A pet Amazon parrot will need a stable and balanced diet to thrive. To begin, you can get a seed or pellet based mix for Amazons and similar large parrots. This contains all the needed odds and ends that make up their diet in the wild. Additionally, you will have to regularly offer fresh fruits and vegetables, cooked rice, and chicken, to ensure they get all the nutrients they need. These foods act both as a treat and a source of vitamins that are not found in seed mixes.

Plenty of human food that is nutritious can be offered, and they like chicken. They like to eat at the table and enjoy eating with their family. Avocado and chocolate are toxic to any parrot. They will let you know when it’s dinner time.

Bird Food:
Foods available for yellow crowned Amazon parrots include formulated diets, either pelleted or extruded, seed only diets, and parrot mixes which offer a mixture of both. There are pros and cons to feeding only a formulated diet as well as feeding only a seed diet. A seed only diet offers much more variety but requires additional vitamin and calcium supplements. Amazon parrots need not only nutritional requirements met but also variety for psychological enrichment.


Social Behaviors

The Yellow-crowned Amazon enjoys interacting with people and other animals, including birds. They are very social birds that live in flocks in the wild. They are typically observed in couples or flocks, which can range in size from two to several hundred birds. When they reach sexual maturity, they also establish unbreakable pairs.

An amazon is hardly the kind of bird you want if you want something peaceful. It is a very sociable bird that enjoys playing and having people around. They will pick up new skills and enjoy conversation and activities. The Yellow-fronted Amazon will make you laugh a lot and provide you a lot of enjoyable experiences.

They will show themselves to be immensely entertaining, playful, and affectionate due to their high intelligence. 
They occasionally exhibit mischievous behavior as well, but it’s all in good fun. 
In general, these parrots are the kind that you develop close relationship with as you get to know them, their peculiarities, and their quirky personalities. Who knows, you might find the Yellow Crowned Amazon to be the ideal pet.



The basic cage care includes daily cleaning of the water and food dishes. Weekly you should wash all the perches and dirty toys, and the floor should be washed about every other week. A total hosing down and disinfecting of an aviary should be done yearly, replacing anything that needs to be freshened, such as old dishes, toys and perches.


Speech and Sounds of Yellow crowned amazon parrots
These birds are extremely intelligent, which means they have the potential to become excellent communicators. 
Because of this ability, owners should engage in social and vocal actions to assist them socialize. 
The Yellow Crowned Amazon has large vocabulary and can repeat complex sentences clearly and loudly. 
They can, however, be touch boisterous at certain times of the day especially when ignored and bored. 
Their native calls are sharp, loud, and frequently piercing. As result, they may not be the greatest option for apartment residents.

The Yellow-crowned amazon is a parrot that is native to Panama and tropical South America. Like most Amazons, the plumage is mostly green, and it has rainbow markings over its body as well. As per its name, its crown is a deep yellow, occasionally dotted with some red or orange feathers. In the bend of the wing, as well as the speculum, the color is red, while its legs are light gray. It has a white ring around its eye and an orange iris. Juveniles have a smaller patch of yellow on their head and brown irises.


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