Bronze Wing Macaw Parrot


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Bronze Wing Macaw Parrot

Bronze Wing Macaw Parrot for sale. This is a medium-sized Pionus parrot 28 cm (11 in) long. It is a short-tailed stocky parrot found in forest and woodland in north-western South America.

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This unconventional and striking individual from the Pionus group of parrots is a mainstream sight in farming. With its exceptional and alluring shadings and an inquisitive and keen character, the Bronze Winged Pionus Parrot makes a magnificent pet. Albeit accommodating and quiet, they have an energy for playing and social association.

Also, with the special reward of insignificant commotion, these consolidated attributes will give you a great pet parrot that will be an ideal quieting presence following a bustling day. For sure, these pets are not high upkeep: with a touch of consideration and care, your feathered friend will flourish in your home. The Bronze Winged Pionus Parrot charms both with its looks and its brilliant character.


The bronze-winged pionus is known for having a calm disposition for a parrot. This often makes the species an excellent choice for apartment dwellers, as well as for families with children.
However, these birds tend to form solid bonds with their owners and revel in being able to spend time with them. This means they need plenty of social interaction. So, if you are interested in adopting one of these birds, make sure you can devote a few hours each day to playing and interacting with your pet. If you don’t, the bird might become upset and resort to unwanted behaviors, such as self-mutilating feather plucking or skin picking.
These parrots are quite intelligent, though only some will end up learning how to mimic words and noises with consistent training. This species is not known to be a big talker or a loud noisemaker.

Bronze-Winged Pionus Speech and Vocalizations

Considered one of the quieter parrots, bronze-winged pionus have a docile disposition. They are not known for raising a ruckus or being demanding. With a bit of patient training, your pet might learn to mimic some basic sounds. However, words are not their forte.


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